How to level up quickly in Skyrim

There’s an absolutely impressive number of players looking for quick ways to level up their characters in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This is an amazingly massive game that provides literally hundreds of hours of exciting gameplay. Even if you “complete” the main storyline in Skyrim a couple of times, chances are you still missed quite a lot in this game.

Fortunately there’s a quick and simple solution to this and they are called Skyrim leveling guides. They are mostly focused on providing players various ways and tips on how to level up to the level cap as fast as humanly possible, and most of the guides I’ve read do this job quite well.

The other great part of these guides is a variety of other information they provide. No longer will you miss out on great equipment and items, or get lost while trying to complete a certain quest. These guides offer a complete walkthrough of the game and they are immensely helpful if you’re trying to see and experience as much as possible in Skyrim.

I’ll soon be doing detailed analysis and reviews of these leveling guides and tell you which ones are best.

15 thoughts on “How to level up quickly in Skyrim

  1. i play this game everyday and it takes me awhile to level up my character how can i do that faster and beat down my enemeies with no problem

  2. Hi. I found that if you complete the companions quest line you can get followers that are trainers. Such as ( aela the huntress, athis, farkas, njada stonearm and vilkas). When they train you simply go into their inventory and get your gold back.

  3. you can get iron ingots and leather strips an smith as much iron daggers as you can wait 2 days and do it again until you have no more money this will level up your smithing and general levels :)

  4. you can also steal a horse, and attack it. this will raise your one or two handed weaponery skills. The horse will also attack back wihcich will raise your armor skills, then right before you die get on the horse. To regain your health simply wieght an hour then repeat.

  5. When being attacked by one person hold shield up and back into corner. It’s easier if you drop difficulty to novis and have a singal gaurd is attack you. Or attack an important character. When you health starts to get low kill them. They will kneel to the ground while you heal your self. I got my blocking from 41 to 100 in a little over an hour and it raised me 9 levels.

  6. It is sad that it take millinnia to lvl a 60. I would need a whole day for this to work let alone a few hours

  7. if you want to level up a few times I have an awesome way to get alteration up to a 100 fast within a few hours at the most so first off you need the dragon born dlc and you need to find the telekinesis spell so what you do is you need a lot of magika or you can use the power you can slect from one of the black books that makes it to where you can use any spell without it using any magika for 30 seconds and grab an object with your spell selected and you hold it as long as you can you will get alteration leveled up faster then any other. Theory used

    • Just wait an hour to get your magika up or 24 hours to get your unlimited magika power to come back and keep repeating it

  8. If you’ve maxed out your enchantment skill you can enchant clothes, headwear, necklace and a ring with fortify alteration. Each item them reduces alteration cost by 25%, making 100%, so alteration spells cost no magicka. This works with all magic schools. I like double enchanting with destruction and restoration giving unlimited healing and death!

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